Women of Color for Progress FAQ's

How was WCP created and by whom?

Prior to the presidential election, a core group of us began meeting and thinking collaboratively about the barriers preventing women of color to run for office.

After the election, our work became even more critical. In December, we established a common agenda and set of values rooted on addressing the needs of women of color,

Several women of color along the way joined our discussions, but the founding members include: Aliya Allen, Amanda Farias, Carlina Rivera, Chand Nirankari, Cristina Gonzalez, Haili-Copas-Starke, Jasmine Fernandez, Karen Coronel, Princess Manuel, and Radhe Patel.

What is WCP’s mission?

Our mission is to create an inclusive and transparent political system that empowers women of color to excel, lead, represent, and be heard.

Ultimately, we hope to not only elect women of color into public office but also create a pipeline of women of color in public leadership.

There are several other organizations that support women candidates to run, why not join efforts with them?

We conducted an intensive landscape analysis of the various organizations that offer training and supports to women candidates; however there were few who focus specifically on women of color.

The challenges that women of color face in achieving elected office are far more complex than of male candidates of color and white female candidates. To this end, Women of Color for Progress (WCP) is a multi-strategy political organization founded by women of color for women of color.

What are some of the barriers preventing women of color to run and win elected office?

Women of color are disadvantaged by not only facing initial skepticism of their credentials, racial stereotypes, but also by their intersection of race, gender and class.

Fundraising is often one of the biggest barriers for women of color.

The opportunities and pathways to becoming an elected official are neither inclusive nor accessible to women of color.

What support and resources will WCP offer women candidates?

We intend to provide them with a myriad of resources including: connections to comprehensive trainings that are inclusive of women of color, mentoring opportunities, endorsements, and a strong base of volunteers

Is WCP only inclusive to women of color candidates?

No, for women of color who are interested in the mission but necessarily running of office themselves, we will provide: monthly general meetings focused on various issues/policies impacting women of color; access to a monthly newsletters/online resources to stay inform on the latest trends and policies impacting women of color; professional development workshops; networking opportunities and connections to volunteering/supporting women of color candidates.

We also welcome allies (white women and men) who are committed to collaborating and uplifting the voices of women of color in the political process.

To learn more about WCP, where should folks go?

To learn more about our mission, membership and upcoming events, people should check out our events calendar and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!