Step 1: Identify your Assembly District (AD) and your Election District (ED)

(This can easily be done by looking up your address on the NYC Doitt Map or on the BOE’s website)

Step 2: Figure out if there is a vacancy. You can reach out to the Board of Elections or your local Democratic County Office. If there is not, you can run in any ED that falls within your AD.

(The only county that has posted their county committee reps on their website is Brooklyn. You can find that here.)

Step 3: Calculate how many signatures you need. You will need 5% of the registered democrats in your chosen ED, which usually amounts to 30-60 signatures.

Here are some quick links where you can find the number of registered Democrats in your AD/ED for the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island.

Step 4: Create your County Committee Petition under your chosen party. You can begin collecting signatures from voters within your party only during petitioning season. Getting signatures outside of that window is illegal.

Petitioning starts on June 5 and ends on July 8. Go with a friend. Meet your neighbors. It’ll be fun!

Step 5: Submit those signatures you collected.

You will need to create a cover sheet & bind your pages before submitting.

You can submit by going to dropping them off to the NYS Board of Elections Office. You can do that between July 9 and July 12.

Step 6: If you were running unopposed, congratulations! You are now a county committee person!

If not and you are running against someone, Step 6 means going back to those neighbors and getting them to vote for you in the Primary.

Don’t forget to let us know if you are going to run!